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Hammond Power C3F009KDS SKU 92706 Hammond C3F009KDS - - Desc. & spec. : Distribution Transformer 9 kVA 480 Delta V Pri x 240 Delta V Sec, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, Copper, NEMA 3R
GE 9T21B1006G02 SKU 89092 GE 9T21B1006G02 General Electric Transformer Isolation Phase Single Frequency (Hz) 60 kVA 10 K rating 1 Primary configuration Two Winding Secondary configuration
Square D 9998SL4 SKU 123336 9998SL4 Square D / Schneider Electric (Other brand name: Telemecanique, Juno Lighting Group, PELCO, APC, Citect, Hyde Park, Berger Lahr) / Schneider Electric
ARKANSAS SPEEDING TICKET Depending on where you received your speeding ticket and your age, the charges could differ. Make sure you keep your ticket, however if you have lost it, there is a way to replace it. To learn more about speeding tickets in your state, go to the speeding ticket section of our website.